Gaylen Blosser


Gaylen Blosser "Becky"

Alpha Company
1/46th 1st Battalion 46th Infantry Regiment
196th Light Infantry Brigade
23rd Infantry Division (Americal Infantry Division)
May '69 – April '70
11B Infantry MOS

Started out as PFC in a squad with Alpha Company .. moved up to Platoon Sgt. RTO, then to Platoon Leader RTO and ended up Company RTO for our Company Commander for about 8 months (Company RTO)
Our Forward Fire Base:  LZ Professional
1/46th:                          The Professionals
Rear Area:                    Chu Lai
Came home E-4 
Had malaria in Nam
Nickname:  Becky (Still married to her today / 42 years)
Can give you complete list of awards/medals if you would like it, but main ones:

     CIB (Combat Infantry Badge … the one I am most proud of)
     Bronze Star
     Presidential Unit Citation
     Expert / M16 & M60 Machine Gun
After Vietnam:
Managed a lumber yard/hardware store for a large lumber yard chain until I was 35
Started 2 lumber yards of my own, owner Greenville Lumber & Supply, Greenville, OH & Englewood Lumber & Supply, Englewood, OH, Owner of:  American Builders, Inc. (Built Houses)
Half Owner of:  BlosserStephens, LLC Invented metal roof