Kregg P J Jorgenson


Kregg P J Jorgenson "Jorgy" 69 – 70

In 1969/70 I served as a 19 year old Sergeant E-5 with H Company Rangers-75th INF, and later with Apache Troop, 1st of the 9th CAV, of the 1st Air Cavalry Division in III Corps- South Vietnam. I served as a LRRP/Ranger and later as a Squad Leader/Pointman with the ‘Blues’ Recon Platoon. During my tour of duty I was wounded a few times during combat operations in Song Be and in the Dog’s Head region of Tay Ninh Province against the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army.

After the war I spent 25 years in law enforcement as an officer, a K-9 officer, served on a Emergency Response Team, and later was promoted to Supervisor. I had 40 years in mixed martial arts, earned a few black belts and trophies, a broken nose, some busted ribs, and discovered humility more than a few times at the end of someone’s well placed foot or fist. Tried to re-enlist in the Army during the first Gulf War but I think the military doctors doing the physical are still laughing over my medical records and one too many bullet holes or broken bones. They did buy me a cup of coffee though and we all had a good laugh.

In 1990 and later I wrote several books on the Vietnam War, some good, some so-so but mostly just to say something about some of the good people I was fortunate enough to have served with in the 1st Cavalry Division and on the some of the units involved. Sentimentality and writing inexperience probably got in the way of a better telling. While most soldiers in the war did the best they could in some very trying times and situations, some did not. I prefer to celebrate the good ones.


I still hack away at writing and my latest novel, Clubs Are Trumps- The Road from Plum Run, begins with the 1st Minnesota Regiment of Volunteers on the second day at the Battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War and their long road home.

TIP for would-be authors: if you wish to earn a decent wage, don’t take up writing. Become a plumber instead.

For the last 12 years I’ve served as an Instructor with the Tactical Tracking Operations School and have helped train U.S. Military, local, state and Federal Police, Native American Tribal Police, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in tactical tracking.

As a Lifetime member of Military Order of the Purple Heart and Disabled American Veterans, I refuse to let labels or limitations hold me down. In that regard, in 2011 I became the first Vietnam veteran to parachute with the European Paratroopers Association in the Czech Republic and earned their parachutist badge along with the Czech, Italian, Slovakian military qualification brevet wings. By the way, I felt every damn decade of my ancient age each time I landed on the drop zone but would do it again in a heartbeat, if I can ever find a doctor dumb enough to sign a waiver! Laugh when you can and enjoy the time you have.

I was introduced to the Group by Glen Carey and both liked and appreciated what I saw. Their dedication is inspiring and honors those who served well or fell on the battlefield in a very, very unpopular war. When, and if you can, please support your veterans’ organizations.