Tom Pozdol


Tom Pozdol "Poz"

I was a Sergeant E-5 when discharged from the Army. I was in the military from Feb. 1967 to Feb. 1970. I was in Nam from Feb. 1969 to Jan. 1970. Prior to going to Nam, I was stationed in West Germany with the 14th Armored Cav. The 14th Cav patrolled along the East-West German border.

My primary MOS was 11C(mortars). Upon arriving in Nam, there was no opening in mortars. So, I was made a rifleman with C Company 3/21 Infantry, 196th Light Infantry Brigade of the Americal Division. After about a month and a half in the field, I became an infantry squad leader. On May 14th, 1969, I was wounded during a battle to take Nui Yon Hill which is located in southern I Corps. After returning from the hospital, I was re-assigned and put in an 81mm mortar squad. I finished out my tour in 81mm.
After Nam  I got drunk for three years.

I floated around from job to job for about three years and then decided to go to college and get a degree in teaching. In the 1980s, I moved to Thailand and taught English for two years. When I came back from Thailand, I taught in school for a few years. Then, started my own business giving private English lessons until two years ago when I tired. I have written a book about my time with the 196th and the battle for Nui Yon Hill called Tam KY