A few bits from my Collection by Ben Connor


One thing that being a member of a group like AFVN gives, is access to other peoples collections and more importantly that person's knowledge and experience. I am still learning and I have been interested the subject since I was 11 years old. And before the stitch counting police catch me, the hats above are more likely than not reproductions but accurate enough to display.


Everyone prefers genuine items, but I find when it comes to uniforms and especially the rarer Advisor ones, they are rarely available in a human size, so reproductions help reduce cost and guarantee a good fit. With interest in the Vietnam war growing there are now tailors meeting the demand and making 100% accurate uniforms.


The Beogams on the left are from East Asia Supplies, the Duck Hunters on the right are real, made by Storm Pruf in Hong Kong during the 60's. The holsters are a mix of standard items and incountry made bits.


Above, the boots on the left are 3rd Pattern, but for me the 2nd Patterns on the right are far nicer due to their rareity. My genuine Airborne Helmet and Infantry Helmet, shock horror, no graffiti, just my personal preference. All the badges on the right are period.


Two of my web set ups. Early webbing on the left for the start of the war, webbing on the right for late war reenactment.