Dodge M37 G741 Powerwagon

To expand on AFVN’s display I have replaced the M274A4 with a 1952 M37 Powerwagon. My M37 was born April 1952 and appears to have joined the USAF, once on the civilian scene worked for a number of years on the docks. It was restored as a blue USAF truck and then repainted OD by the next owner.

The M37 covers the Korean War through into the Vietnam war. Over 115,000 were produced and it is thought that 60% are still running.

Vernon Gillespie – Buon Brieng Camp

Previously I commented on the practicality of owning a Mule but I have to say so far it seems quite practical having a 2.5 Ton 15 foot long truck that is 11 feet an 7 inches wide. Amazingly an M37 will fit in a regular garage

From what I know it was used in the docks for a number of years sporting yellow, then white finish. Somewhere around 2001 it was restored and repainted Airforce Blue. From this point the truck entered the Vietnam re-enactment circuit and was painted OD, the truck changed hands a few times, roll forward to 2018 I bought it.

First stage was to replace all missing parts and quite unplanned ending up restoring it. It took around 6 months to get it where it is today.

Norwich Wings and Wheels show 2019
Restoration near completion – Norfolk Tank Museum show 2019
Progress as of Mid 2019

Some great images of M37’s in action in Vietnam