What you need – Early Australian AATTV Advisor 1964-1965

For those of you looking for a more smart and sophisticated look, and a “damn fine” hat too! Why not try the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV). You can’t really go wrong with the early Australian “JG” shirt and crossover trousers but any indigenous and US uniforms of the period is perfectly acceptable. Don’t worry too much about insignia, it isn’t as flashy as the US, and was generally kept to minimum.
What to wear

  • Australian Jungle Green (JGs) shirt and cross over trousers
  • US 1st Pattern Tropical Combat Uniform
  • Beo Gam Uniform
  • Or other unit specific uniform
  • US Black M1948 boots
  • US 2nd Pattern Jungle Boots
  • Australian GP Boots
  • Black Ankle boots with black canvas gaiters (Australian)
  • Slouch Hat with puggaree and parent Corps/Regiment cap badge (RAR, RAINF, RAA, RAS, RAASC etc.)
  • Regiment/Corps Beret with cap badge
  • British Bush Hat (Giggle Hat)
  • Other indigenous head gear
  • M1 helmet with or without Mitchell cover
    Web Equipment
  • ‘37 Pattern Web belt Blackened with polished brass
  • ‘44 Pattern Web belt
  • M1956 Web Equipment set (Early) with weapon specific set up
  • M1956 Web belt with .45 holster, ammo pouch and FFD pouch