What you need – Early Special Forces Advisor

Early Special Forces Advisor – Minimum requirement for joining AFVN


Vietnam Reenactors UK

At least one of the following:

·       1st Pattern Jungle Uniform – Shirt and Pants

·       OG-107 Fatigue pattern uniform – shirt and Pants

·       Beo Gam Uniform – Shirt and Pants

·       1960’s Duck hunter uniform – shirt and pants


Boots – At least One of the following:

·       Black DMS Leather US Army boots

·       Black Leather jump boots

·       2nd Pattern Jungle Boots


Early style M56 Webbing consisting of at least the following:

·       Suspenders

·       Belt

·       2 x Ammo Pouch

·       1 x Canteen and Canteen cover

Headgear: You must have a Green Beret with flash and crest

Then at least one of the following:

·       locally made Cowboy hat

·       M51 Patrol Cap

·       Boonie hat

·       Ball Cap


M1 Helmet – either with a clean graffiti less cover or a parachute material cover, helmet net or even bare helmet

You must have one of the following weapons:

·       Early 3 prong Flash hider M16

·       M1 / M2 Carbine

·       M3 Grease Gun                                                                                         

Vietnam Reenactors UK

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