What you need – Blues Apache Troop 1/9

Blues Representation (Apache Troop 1/9th Cavalry) – Minimum requirement for joining AFVN

3rd Pattern Jungle Uniforms – Shirt and Pants (originals are still fairly easy to find) – Or there are good repro’s around Don’t buy Rothco reproductions they look nasty.
3rd Pattern Jungle Boots – Either Vibram or Panama soled are fine – these don’t have to be period but stay away from the SOF repros
Webbing – M56 type, Must consist of the minimum as follows:
· H Harness (Yolk / suspenders)
· Belt
· 1 x Canteen cover & Canteen
· 2 x Ammo pouch
· 1 x First field dressing / compass pouch
· Rappelling rope and Carabiner
· Rappelling gloves

M1 Helmet with liner, and cover
M16A1 Rifle – Airsoft, Replica, Deact – the choice is yours
Boonie hat or Ball Cap
100 rds of linked 7.62mm ammo