Rules and regulations

AFVN is a small friendly group of living historians that have the same interest in keeping the memory alive of those that took part in the Vietnam war

Please note that this Group, is a non-political organisation and will not accept any person using the group to promote political or religious views. This group is non-profit making and is run entirely by the members for the members. Group purchases will only be made via donation and consensus of the faculty

The regulations laid down by the group are as follows, they are non-negotiable and form the groups Constitution.

1) Please note that you must be a minimum of sixteen years of age, and that no person under this age will be permitted to join the Group.

1a) This is not our decision and will not be waived in any case, this is due to the regulations issued to the group by the Insurance company, and Show Organisers.

2) The cost of membership is free but you must pay for your own Public Liability Insurance – We recommend All Front Re-enactment Association (AFRA) which is currently £15 per annum.

2a) All New members will be required to complete an application form subject to joining the group
2b) All New members will be on a six month probationary period and must abide by the group rules.

3) All New members will be required to purchase a basic load-out within 12 months

4) The weapons that the group will be using are either replica, deactivated or will be held on the appropriate firearms licences, these being subject to the appropriate certificate being viewed by members of the society.

4a) Each member will be required by the group to pass a basic weapons proficiency test before they are allowed to use a weapon at any event that we attend.

5) Any person who uses his weapon in a manner to put other persons safety at risk, will be asked to leave the group

6) A reasonable standard of fitness is required, so it is up to the individual members to declare any ill health when filling out the application form to join the group.

Accommodation at shows

7) All members will be responsible for their own accommodation at shows.

8) Any persons wanting to attend an event that the group is attending or has been invited to should be aware that they are responsible for getting to and from the event. If there is a problem let people know in advance so that other arrangements can be made.

9) Please note any person who had arranged to attend a show or weekend, but finds it is no longer possible, should do one of the following:

A) Contact a group member as soon as you are aware of a problem.
B) Please note 48 hours notice is optimum for a full weekend, 24 hours for a day event.

10) Any member who breaks any rule within the group shall be notified in writing of any group decision in relation to their actions.

Group vote

11) members should be aware that this society has no direct leaders and is run by the group.

12) Any decisions within the Group are taken with a vote and full backing of the other members.

13) All members must have their own complete first aid kit including eye wash

We cannot stress enough the importance we place on you making efforts to obtain “the look”. As devotees to the mission of portraying the Personnel who served in Vietnam. By taking part in re-enactment we are committing to the task of creating living history. The soldiers we portray deserve to have us get it right. Our efforts should not be cheapened by half measures. To this end, no beards are allowed for displays, moustaches must meet US military regulations – dependant on what period we are displaying, will determine if a moustache is valid.

Unlike most groups ours is monitored closely by Veterans, our Patrons. If you are successful in joining the group you will be given access to the AFVN Patrons Forum on Facebook where you can interact with the Patrons and seek guidance on a range of subjects.

If you’re still up for this then complete the membership enquiry form, we will send you a membership application form to complete and return.